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Monday, July 25, 2005

Advantages in a process driven organization

Imagine a situation that you have to start working in a project from the middle, in spite of being new to this project, you are bound to deliver the best anytime and every time andthat is expected this time too. There is no documentation available in that project, there are no processes how to carry out the tasks and there is noting in place. Your PM is too busy to devote full time to you to solve your difficulties...... How many times you have been in such a situation? Not many times, then you are lucky. But what if you get in such a situation? How to handle this????

To overcome this trap and to save you from this ambush there is a very systematic and robust way-out. Documenting everything in the project and defining Processes for carrying out all the tasks in a Project. If the processes are set then documentation automatically follows it.

Defining processes helps us in more than one way. A few advantages in a process driven organization are:

1. Processes set a disciplined way of doing the tasks that leads to Standard and Consistent output every time.
2. In processes, everything is clearly documented in step by step manner, so anybody can start doing the tasks just by reading the process, irrespective of the stage of the person's involvement in the project.
3. In the Process there is a greater visibility in the activities done for accomplishing the tasks, so a greater control over everything can be achieved.
4. Roles and responsibilities are mentioned explicitly in a process, so there is no chance of any ignorance or negligence or assumptions.
5. Processes make the organizational activities person independent.
6. Process Improvement is also possible over a period of time that ensures greater efficiency in executing the projects.
7. With formalized processes in place for all the activities, organizations can estimate better and can achieve smoother execution of projects.

After seeing some of the benefits like this, would you not go ahead for a disciplined process structure for your project?

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