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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Standards For Testing An Application

The General testing standards for testing any type of application based on various factors are listed below:

1. Look & Feel
-> Uniformity in terms of Content, Title, Position (Should be displayed at the center of any User Interface (UI)) of message boxes.
-> Enabling & Disabling of menu items/icons according to the user security.
-> Ensure menu items are invoked as set in user security. If the service is not available for testing then that particular menu item should be disabled.
-> Navigation using ‘tab’ key should be proper across fields and should move from right to left, then top to bottom.
-> Scrolling effect of Vertical & Horizontal scrollbars should be proper.
-> Alignment of controls should be proper.
-> Spacing between controls should be proper.
-> Ensure the uniformity in font (Type, Size, Color)
-> In case of Multi line text box, Press ‘Enter’ key to go for the next line.
-> Ensure 'Backspace' & 'Space bar' are working properly, wherever applicable.
-> In case of List / Combo boxes, press ALT+DOWN to display the list values and use ‘Down Arrow’ key for selection.
-> ‘Esc’ key should activate ‘Cancel’ button and ‘Enter’ key should activate ‘OK’ button.
-> Check for the spelling in Message Box, Titles, Help files and Tool Tip.
-> In case of reports check for the proper display of column headers on different Zooming effect.
-> Check ToolTip text is provided for all icons in the UI.

2. Functionality Testing
-> Check for the functionality of the application. The entire flow of the application has to be checked.
-> In functionality testing both Positive and Negative testing is done.

2.1.Positive Testing
-> Check for positive functionality of the application.
-> Check for field validation using positive values within the permissible limits.

2.2.Negative Testing
-> Give numbers in char fields and vice versa
-> Give only numbers in the alphanumeric fields
-> Know the permissible range for each field and check using values exceeding the limits. Use Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis techniques for deciding on the test data.
-> Without giving values for mandatory fields, save data.
-> Random clicking and continuous tab out (especially in grids for application error).
-> Check for the space and updating with blank fields wherever applicable.
-> Maximize and minimize the screens and check for the toolbar§ display.

3. Menu Organization
-> Simultaneous opening of screens.

4. Help files
-> F1 should invoke context sensitive help files.

5. User Interface Traversal
-> For all mouse driven operation there should be a keyboard function , Short cut keys & Alternate Keys where ever applicable in menu.

6. Date Format
-> The application should support various date formats in regional settings.

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